torstai 29. joulukuuta 2011

Scary things happen...I just get older and older... Had birthday just before Christmas~
I got a gift card for a massage & facial treatment from my mom 
(which I used a little ahead of time XD)
It was wonderful, or maybe even a little too wonderful as I kept falling asleep the whole time.

Lunch at work, it was such a coincidence that we had salmon on my birthday....My ultimate favourite food <3__<3

 Then I bought a few presents for myself & got that rose from Ralf ;__;
( he is giving me so much flowers these days that I feel so overspoiled ;O; also got really cute presents from him but I'll keep them as a secret ; D )

All I wanted to do was to lazy around and eat ice cream.. So after my work we went to buy lemon ice cream, the same we ate in Italy a lot...too bad it just didn't taste as good as there.
But it was still so lovely and funny; to sit outside in the rain, and eat ice cream in December without snow. :'D

This picture reminded  of something that I'm still angry about, the fact that I missed the trip to Tallinn :c but got still a lot to drink from my personal transport service ; D
And that blueberry chocolate! I just don't understand how it smells so much, I had it unopened on my bed and still smelled all the time blueberries while I was on computer XD

Then came Christmas and it looked mostly like this....

Including the shopping we did with my mom...

And of course presents! And my dog who were so damn excited about Christmas, she's just like a small child :')

Ok now off to bed, just tried to kill some time with blogging, as I can sleep pretty late tomorrow so I would also like to stay up late this night, but I'm so damn sleepy so maybe just better to give up and get some good sleep~

maanantai 12. joulukuuta 2011


I didn't have work on Friday & Saturday so I spent quality time mostly eating. I love that there is a grill so near my house and it's open until like everytime I'm hungry............

this happens.

I love how Ralf always sits in front of the oven when he is waiting for food ;_;
Also made gingerbread cookies~ I just hope that this weekend we have time to decorate them.
When I want to make gingerbread cookies it's for two reasons; to eat the dough or to decorate them. I don't even like the actual cookies so much :'D .....are the even called cookies..pipari....what is it in English...XD

And on Saturday went shopping.... or more likely to force Ryu to buy clothes :'D " Try this. Yes. You MUST try it before buying. Take your jacket off. TAKE IT OFF AND TRY IT GODDAMN"

Also visited Ciao!Caffe after wanting for a long time to go there~ Just too bad that we were in a hurry so we just had to rush there and back

Notice the dirty boot on the left.

.... :'D
I must be tired because I have been laughing for this so long....... what is that face :'----D

Food = Happy Ralf. 
And just had to order pizza to maintain my curves.
I think that this post really describes how I spend my freetime (if you add chocolate, chips, icecream and Family Guy to this) but tomorrow work again so now I'm going to go and wait for a specific call~~>
Or more likely just off to sleep as I feel dead tired.

torstai 8. joulukuuta 2011


This post starts with a very promising artsyfartsy black&white picture ! 8DD But I kinda have to like it as there isn't that much pictures of us ;___;

I think that everyone knows what day was on Tuesday~
My uncle has a tradition to throw a party every year on the Independence Day, but I've skipped them for ages... But this year I had my reasons to go, so after a long time I looked like human and could take even a few pictures!

I even managed to drag Ralf with me there......I'm still wondering how he agreed to come XD
And hoping that he didn't die there ,__,

 One coat bought from Seoul~ 

And then these mandatory pictures of clothes : )


Have to show off that ring !
Even though it might be lame but I love it :'D  

Actually, in short here are my new clothes;
My plan was to take a picture of them everytime I wear something new, but right now it seems that I won't be ever able to wear all of them if I continue to be this lazy........

This little unicorn I got from Ryu *wwww* ........I think it was supposed to be horrible ( as other stuffed animals Ryu has given me XD) but I think it's cute and fits to my room perfectly ;__;<3

but now off to work~~~>

maanantai 28. marraskuuta 2011



Is what I have been doing lately. Had a reaaaally horrible exam week, but luckily it was the last one~
hopefully for a long time

  Even though the exams are over now, I still don't have that freetime I craved for, as I got a call last week and heard that I got a job : D But I'm not complaining, it seems like a nice place.

Today is my first real day there so wish me luck!

Just that I'm not sure how often I'm going to update.........XD

maanantai 24. lokakuuta 2011

Italy part. 2

Okay there were so many pictures from Venice so  I decided to post separately from our time at Lake Garda...
Actually I could say now that it was kind of a mistake to separete our trip to two different places... Especially after Venice, as it was so stunning. After that Garda felt a little lame, even though it was still a nice place. And it was also really relaxing, because we had exhausted ourselves so badly in Venice XD And this is when our actual vacation started :'D
 First of all, our hotel was completely on a different level than the hotel in Venice... which was a really nice suprise as we were pretty tired when we arrived there plus really nice service, got champagne&strawberries to the room when we arrived 


And also the price was quite nice, it wasn't much more expensive than most of the bad hotels in Venice, even though this was a 4-star hotel, and our room even had a lake-view balcony. 
Our hotel belonged to the Romantik Hotel & Restaurant chain, and if the other hotels are even slightly on the same level I can totally recommend the whole chain, I was really pleased with the hotel, rooms and service~ 
Hahah and as I have a really bad sense of humor I found it amusing that the city we stayed in was called Saló.  (Salo is a city in Finland)
Oh and this reminds me of getting there......It was...ok it was fun but kinda terrible as I like to panic about everything :'D I hate to travel in buses with suitcase...and of course we had to take a local bus to Saló. The bus driver didn't understand English at all, I speak non-existent Italian so we were on our own to find the right bus stop...I don't know how we managed to find it, but luckily we did : D I was just so worried that we would get off the bus in the middle of nowhere XD

And the pool was so refreshing....the weather was so damn hot everyday. Too bad I couldn't convince Ralf to swim so I had to go alone everytime ;__;  oh but he did come to the poolside to smoke a cigarette XD

 From the breakfast~ I don't have anything else to say that I love hotel breakfasts *__* Oh but if I have to complain about something like I always do... the breakfast was served on the balcony/veranda whatever that is called and.....the sun shining directly to your eyes right when you have waken up wasn't so pleasant thing...ok maybe I should be just happy that it was outside because the view was nice~

Ralf's dear cigarette pack :'D<3  


Aaaaand we went horseback riding!

Just imagine to ride in the woods and through some really really small old-fashioned Italian villages when you see on the other side of you mountains and on the other side lake..... *__* And the staff were really nice too, they picked us up and took us back down from the stables.  (because the stables were like a few kilmeters from the cities up to the mountains, in the middle of nowhere.)  

Ok and this is where we started to have unexpected trouble....When we were supposed to leave for Milan. The day before we were wondering why is there so many people and so much cheap beer and the shops are open until midnight and so many people partying and fireworks all over the lake (btw it was amazing to watch from our balcony when from every direction just came fireworks)....
On the next day was Ferragosto, an Italian holiday.

So we were supposed to go again by bus from Saló to the train station.....And we went to the bus stop. The bus we were supposed to take never came. We waited for an hour. The next bus never came either and again we waited for an hour.... Then luckily we saw some Italian backpack traveler who was also waiting for the bus. So glad that we found him because he could speak Italian and managed to arrange a taxi for us :'D 

 We were so bored while waiting that we just played with our cameras and tried to take some artsyfartsy and macro pictures for two hours..... I nearly started to lose my sanity :'D  ( and I have soooo many pictures like this on my computer just taking up my memory.... :'D )

We managed to get to Milan a few hours late from our plan....And damn I was so worried that I wouldn't have time to buy anything :'D In the beginning of our trip we decided to leave all the shopping to Milan, as we didn't know about Ferragosto....

 I've been to Milan two times before and never seen it so empty..... On Buenos Aires were only two fucking shops open... TWO. Our only hope was chinatown where luckily were about half of the shops open, so our day was saved~
It was just a little scary to see that big city that empty... Felt a little like an apocalypse or something :'D

Trussardi~ I just had to make a gif because those lights were so beautiful *__* 
Even tho that gif is a bit epileptic... XD

This pic is from Venice but I just have to post because I were so excited about those lamps :'D You know the Venetian casinos in Las Vegas & Macao and then  was....Dubais some mall(?) had a mini-Venice with those lamps and I have pictures like this from those but now..... at last I have the authentic one! : DDD

Ok I guess that's it. Or not, I think again I forgot half of the stuff and there would be tons of stuff to tell but this glimpse of our trip shall do now~
For short I could say that the whole trip was like a dream honeymoon ;'D<3

 On Thursday I'm going to Seoul&Osaka so I guess next time I'll update from there~! 
If I'm not too lazy...

perjantai 21. lokakuuta 2011


Ryu forced me to do blogspot so here I am......This feels really weird :'D

But I've been wanting to update about something!

A little trip I made with Ralf a few months ago~

Just that.... when posting about traveling, should I post pics like

"yaaaay here's a pizza we ate!"

or " look I saw nice art!"

or " ewwww I found a medusa on the beach!"

or " weeeee here's my face!"

 " yaayy here I'm lost and trying to read a map!"
And more little things like these that made my trip a little more special~
Okay but you can't even really tell where we were from those pictures... :'D 
So maybe this says a little more~ 

  So we were in Venice *__* And I can honestly say that it's the most beautiful place where I have been in Europe

 The city was just.... woah. So nice and so old, without the horrible tourist crowds you could have just imagined that you traveled back time to the 18th century or something.

And what was the talk about that Venice smells?  I have heard that quite a lot.... but I didn't smell anything........ Actually Milan was way worse :'D

Of course we had to take a gondola ride! And if I don't think the fact that we paid ourselves sick for that it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And after all I can say it was worth all the money. We took it in the late evening, and.....holy shit it was like the most romantic thing in my life ever *__* Imagine the bright moon on the sky, the gondola in small small empty canals, the gondolier humming some song quietly...Just felt like the world was ours alone XD hablahablahabla I could just go on and on and on talking about it but better if I stop :'D ( ah and sorry about the picture quality, I'm not a fucking professional photograhper and taking pics when its dark is just pain in the ass...)

Ah and we accidentally found a lock bridge! Haven't seen them anywhere before, it was a really cute and sweet place ;___;

If I remember right this was the view from our usual drinking place.....:'D It was in the end of one really small alley. I loved how so many streets just ended to a dead-end and the canals started right from there...( Or I was worried that if I get really drunk I won't see where the water starts and I will just walk there and fall.......... does anyone know can you swim in the canals and are there any living creatures? XD )

 This! was amazing.... it's a picture isn't it? .....Without taking a photo it looked just like some shit on the wall....But after taking a photo with flash it ended up looking like that *__*  or am I just stupid and amazed by all lame stuff XD

From our usual breakfast place~
That reminds me of one thing I didn't like, the price of food. >:--U
It was a little hard to try to find cheap restaurants, mostly the really cheap ones were just pizza places. But when traveling I like that when my feet start to hurt so much that I can't bear it anymore, I can just walk to the nearest restaurant to sit down and eat, but there everytime we kinda had to walk an extra kilometer to find a cheap place XD

From Lido.... oh god it was so horrible place that it was kinda lovely. I was just wondering that if I would live there amongst those brightly colored houses how soon I would go insane :'D

Crappy night picture again....But I always start to laugh when I see this... We were going back to our hotel after a few drinks.... and I got a really bad hiccups.......And when I sat there in the middle of the large plaza... the whole plaza echoed from my hiccups. It was so damn embarassing :'D

Just have to post this too... I have so many pictures of Ralf taking pictures... XD I took all the landscape pictures like in a few seconds, but he had a little better camera than mine so it took sometimes deadly long time to wait for him as my feet were so dead... So I amused myself like this :'D
Yeah very interesting I know.
And I don't know should I apologize my lack of blogging skills and my lack of proper English... well whatever :'D
Anyway I think I forgot more than half of the things I should have mentioned but.... at least I have hundreds of pictures on my computer to remind me how awesome place Venice was.