keskiviikko 2. toukokuuta 2012

11 & awards

 Pari päivää sitten sain tämän~~~<3

Liebster tarkoittaa 'rakkain' tai 'rakastettu', mutta se voi tarkoittaa myös suosikkia. Liebster-palkinnon ajatuksena on saada huomiota blogeille, joilla on alle 200 seuraajaa.

Tunnustuksen säännöt:
1. Kiitä antajaa ja linkitä bloggaaja, joka antoi sen sinulle: kiitokset Yvonnelle!<3
2.Valitse viisi suosikki blogiasi (joilla siis alle 200 lukijaa) ja kerro se heille jättämällä kommentti heidän blogiinsa.
3. Kopioi ja liitä palkinto blogiisi.
4. Toivo, että ihmiset joille lähetit palkinnon antavat sen eteenpäin heidän viidelle suosikkiblogilleen.

Ja awardit ansaitseeeeeeeeee~~~~<3

Momochuu no sekai
ikuisuus yksi huokaus vain
Imitation Queen
Hardcore Harangue


1. Kerro keneltä sait tämän palkinnon.
2. Kerro 7 faktaa itsestäsi.
3. Anna tämä eteenpäin 15 bloggarille/blogille.
4. Älä anna palkintoa sille, jolta sen sait.

Oon ollut vähän laiska tän kanssa mut sain tän aikoja sitten Kipsulta!
Faktoja minusta:
1. Puhun joskus Joensuun murteella vaikka oon ihan Helsingistä kotosin.
2.  Jätän kahvikuppiin aina tilkan pohjalle.
3. Tajusin vasta viime viikolla hikinauhojen tarkotuksen.
4. Mulla on lvl 91 high priest ja oon kuulemma jopa hyvä support
5. En osaa pestä hampaita. Yleensä aina hammastahnat valuu suusta kyynerpäihin asti.
6. En tajuu salaatin ideaa ylipäätään tai miks ottaa salaatti jos menee ulos syömään. Ne on kalliita ja vaikka se ois hyvääkin niin kaikki muu on aina parempaa.
7.  "heilutat viuhkaa semmosel pienellä käsiliikkeellä minkä aina näkee sivusilmällä ja alkaa ärsyttää" T. Ryu

En jaksa alkaa listaamaan ihmisiä mut jokainen jolla on liikaa aikaa saa tehdä tän jos huvittaa!


Damn Ryu tagged me<3 

The rules:

1. Post the rules.

2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them.

"20-vuotiaan leskin traaginen tarina" -taideotos

It was already hard to think 7 things about me so 11 things will be hard...

Everytime when I leave my room I drink a glass of water.
I'm more a dog person but mostly a llama person.
If I take an extra pair of shoes with me, I have to check at least 4 times that I don't forget the other shoe.
I would love to be naturally pretty and use just a bit of makeup but I can't accept my face.
I've got usually bigger crave for salty snacks than sweet stuff. And I could live better without chocolate than chips. I also hate Fazer Blue chocolate.
I love to eat raw macaroni and spaghetti. Rice is good too.
I hate minced meat in pizza but all other toppings are fine.
When I was little I used to eat olives, blue cheese and grated carrot for evening snack. Nothing else would do XD
I check out girls' butts and boobs more than my boyfriend.
I named my computer Eino because I hate how it looks.
I've got so small feet that children's shoes fit me better than women's.

1. If you had really long hair in perfect condition and went to an expert hairdresser for free what would you do to your hair?
I would totally get a perm with loose curls and maybe dye my hair pink or white or lavender or half pink/half baby blue ;U;<3

2. Which era/century/year would you choose to have been born in?
Maybe in the 18th century if I got to choose to live in Versailles : DD
Or in the 50's just for the fashion.

3. Is there a song that always makes you want to sing along?
Many from zuka and then random songs like American Boy or Left Outside Alone or I Believe In a Thing Called Love or Never Gonna Give You Up or Back to Black etc etc..........Ryu this is a hint btw ;))))

4. If you wrote a bestseller what would it be about?
Hmmm I guess it would be something romantic. Some kind of classic vampire love story (NOT TWILIGHT) or then a magical wonderland with princesses and knights *-* No no no once I had the best idea for a book! "How to manage through school without doing anything". That would be my bestseller. Or is there already a book like that?

5. What motivates you every day?

Really depends, sometimes everything and somedays nothing.

6. What do you miss in your life?
The old house I used to live in and some special times of my life. But I still wouldn't go back in time.
And the carefreeness. I need it back.

7. You get 200€ that you can either spend on material (clothes, make up etc.) or on going out partying with you friends. Which one do you choose?
Partying because what can you get with 200€, and right now I'm not in a big need of anything and actually I should throw stuff away.
And I feel like partying.

8. What is something you really want to own but can't afford?
A horse. Or a castle? Or a boat? Or an island? Or everything? Ok I would be really happy just with the horse. Or a llama or alpaca would also do ;______;<3

9. Is there a concert you would have wanted to see but couldn't? (can be something way in the past even before you were born XD)
 I can't really think of anything right now. Maybe there are some but not anything I would die for.

10. Ever had a crush that you never confessed to? For how long?
I guess not, at least I can't remember XD

11. Is there a person you'd love to look like?
Total blackout. Yes there are a few, but I can't name them right now :'D

Ok I'm too lazy to create new questions so that's it for today!
I'll update sometime soon again~
....or after a few months...or after a year....... XD