tiistai 28. helmikuuta 2012

Pointless picspam of the Year, part 2

Everynight the streets near our hotel were blocked with police buses and policemen :'D

Our hotel room~
And our bathtub! It was so big ;__; ....And I had time to use it like twice : C

Oh and at the airport were the biggest smoking room that I have seen in my whole life.
And if I were at the airport....Guess where I was going!

To Osaka!

Went to see Takarazuka *-*
That man had a godly voice!
And after that just spent the evening hanging around~
From HEP FIVE ferris wheel~

Derpderp then the first meal of the day!

Slept the night at a capsule hotel, which was my first time! I was a bit afraid at first but in the end it was pretty comfortable.

Then back to Seoul again, and some more shopping...
I totally fell in love with Holika Holika cosmetics *-*
Bought just a few things....and I didn't know that they had that upstairs lounge full of k-pop.....XD

Going to N Seoul Tower~
It was totally worth all the climbing!

Even the toilets were pink ;_;<3

At Ann house. The cutest place ever. Just like you would have stepped in a doll house.
And then the best part...........

Those portions were so big *___*
And back to Finland!
It was so perfect to come back, as Ralf came to meet me at the airport.... and then... He had cleaned my room and bought me bouquet of roses ;______; and ordered pizza!
He is totally amazing.
(And guess what? This weekend I was being pretty pissed off and angry....Then on Saturday evening he rushed straight from the shower even with wet hair to buy me Ben&Jerry's just to cheer me up ;_____; I felt totally like an asshole after that. But I'm so lucky and happy to have him.)

In short, the whole trip was wonderful, just way too busy. But the good part was that all the walking shaped my ass! ;'----D People always say that exercising should be fun, so I guess I have found the right sport for me.

On Friday off to Florida, and I hope that I will actually have time to relax there... :'D

torstai 23. helmikuuta 2012

Pointless picspam of the Year, part 1

Yaaaay I made it in time! :'D
Yesterday I was feeling 'creative' so I decided to post about my Seoul trip....
Buuuut today I'm lazy again so just gonna put a few pictures here.
Just a few pictures.
Just a few.

....Anyone want to translate this? :'D

Took a tour to the DMZ zone~
Usually I'm really sceptic about guided tours, but this one was actually good.
And well, you can't go there independently, so I had no choice :'D
Only negative thing I found on the tour was that..... Photographing was really restricted, only places where you could take pictures were Panmunjom and Bridge of No Return.
But well, that matter isn't up to the tour organizers so I'm not complaining.

" You are only allowed to take pictures behind this yellow line"

 And the wonderful sight from there!

The tour also included visit to the 3rd Infiltration tunnel and Dorasan station, and thank god you could again act like a human being there. XD