lauantai 18. helmikuuta 2012

Just days

I had a real dream date with Ralf a while ago. We got half price tickets to Korkeasaari zoo and....It was just so romantic, even though the weather was so damn cold :'D
I would never otherwise consider to wear jeans for a date but that day I really had no option. : C

The whole place was so empty, and it felt like just the two of us were on a deserted island ;____;<3

THIS. This was the ugliest thing ever......that nose.....I couldn't stop staring at it :'----D
I'm so gonna see nightmares.....

There were also a few lizards running around free, and it was so cute when Ralf was so excited about them ;__;<3

Then on Valetine's day I  got a rose again!
He is totally spoiling me ;_;<3
And I don't know why but it means so much to me when he gives me flowers ;U;
And we went to eat out and after that for a few drinks and the funniest thing is that......

This is how the end of my day looked XD
Just don't ask.
And I don't understand how hang-overish I felt the day after.... And just to make it worse, of course I had reserved a time for a graduation picture (whatever that is in english? :')) for that day. And plus the hang-over, I've had a flu the whole week, and that didn't make me feel any better.

So I'm pretty proud of myself that I managed to get there, looking ok & also in time!

Oh and btw I got new circle lenses! Too bad that the more I wear them the more I'm disappointed, and I would want so badly to order new ones but I'm afraid that they won't come in time ,_,
These ones were Eos Candy/King size violet lenses.....and I think that this picture is the best to describe them. My natural eye color is blue/grey, and these ones just look really dark blue/violet something on my eyes, and makes me look like an alien, in a bad way : C  I think that I would love them in any other color, because the enlargement is really nice.
Also this is kinda reminder for myself, as I always want to get violet lenses but they always turn out like this.

Ok end of complaining, now off to sleep~>

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