torstai 26. tammikuuta 2012

Glömde nästan

 Guess where! 
Okok nothing special, just got a free cruise to Stockholm so I thought that why not to go : D
Actually we were there last week, and I'm just late with this entry as always.
(aaand  remembered that I haven't even blogged about Seoul yet and it has been already a few months....eheh...heh..)

 Our trip consisted mostly of moderate drinking....

Sleeping and difficult mornings ;'D

 And eating. We went to the Old Town to some Japanese restaurant, the food was heavenly there!
Ate there for around two hours.....

 Then took a nap and went to the boat's buffet to eat for another few hours XD
Oh and if I eat for a longer time....It's not that kind of sophisticated talking and wine sipping that takes the means literally eating the whole time</3
Perfect day if you ask me.

 Then spent the evening again with a few drinks~

Then the required complaining, I would have wanted to go to the city for shopping but it was soooo damn cold that even my inner shopper-self couldn't bear it : C

sunnuntai 22. tammikuuta 2012


 Annyeong!Party was yesterday, had really fun there~!

This actually is kinda like appreciation post to Ryu's elegant appearance.
And it just gets better....

Just had to share because I can't stop laughing :'D
or am I just retarded

tiistai 17. tammikuuta 2012


 First I have to laugh at how _bad_ I am at  taking pictures. I just can't do it :'D I even have pretty ok camera but....still every damn picture turns out so crappy : C
I got eyelash extensions! My co-worker made them a few weeks ago~
If I remember right the longest ones are 15mm. And I have to say that I reaaaally love them!
I don't consider myself that pretty without make up, and even if I'm just hanging around at home I'm not really comfortable with my face. But now with these lashes I feel so much better and prettier. Even right after waking up in the morning, I feel pretty!

Only negative thing I can say is that I'm a bit paranoid of them starting to fall off and that's making my life a bit more difficult, but I'm not complaining~

 Then the must have outfit pic from the weekend : )

 This is totally unrelated, but I saw this pic of that birthday card I made last year, and I got this huge urge to make again some papercraft *______*
Just too bad I don't have much paper so I'm just sitting here with this unleashed creativity :C

maanantai 9. tammikuuta 2012

 I graduated last year~ 
Not that I'm so proud of graduating finally but...

At least I liked my dress!
Some food from the party, I don't know did I enjoy more baking or eating those....
Usually my only motivation for parties are food, and it was the same this time
Well, I was also the one that ate most of the food XD


And now that I'm free from school & work, I've just spent the beginning of this year lazying around and maintaining my curves with a few boxes of chocolate.