torstai 26. tammikuuta 2012

Glömde nästan

 Guess where! 
Okok nothing special, just got a free cruise to Stockholm so I thought that why not to go : D
Actually we were there last week, and I'm just late with this entry as always.
(aaand  remembered that I haven't even blogged about Seoul yet and it has been already a few months....eheh...heh..)

 Our trip consisted mostly of moderate drinking....

Sleeping and difficult mornings ;'D

 And eating. We went to the Old Town to some Japanese restaurant, the food was heavenly there!
Ate there for around two hours.....

 Then took a nap and went to the boat's buffet to eat for another few hours XD
Oh and if I eat for a longer time....It's not that kind of sophisticated talking and wine sipping that takes the means literally eating the whole time</3
Perfect day if you ask me.

 Then spent the evening again with a few drinks~

Then the required complaining, I would have wanted to go to the city for shopping but it was soooo damn cold that even my inner shopper-self couldn't bear it : C

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