tiistai 12. kesäkuuta 2012

Useless Update

 I thought I could update after a long time.... Buuuuut it appears that I don't have anything to tell about. Just normal life, taking a few drinks now and then, entrance exams, lazying around, being really lazy to take pictures.  But here are some random crappy pictures mostly of outfits : DD

 From last Annyeong!Party~
 I think Ryu has already posted all of these

 Watched Eurovision with Ryu & Nico and Ralf asked me to go with him to Nerve End's gig.
best picture ever.
 The music was goood.
And I smiled myself the whole time because I felt so out of place. Imagine me in the middle of a crowd of 2 meters tall heavy metal guys. I felt like a midget even with heels.

Then some better pics at last, taken on the formal night of Bahamas cruise~

Then for last but not least, watermelon.

For my first carving I'm proud of myself! I'm soooo gonna do these more this summer<3

And now off to decorate Ryu's birthday cake... .Seriously I feel like I'm on Ultimate Cake Off, so much panic, tears and I'VE GOT ONLY 3 HOURS UNTIL RYU COMES TO PICK IT UP!  :'-D