torstai 23. helmikuuta 2012

Pointless picspam of the Year, part 1

Yaaaay I made it in time! :'D
Yesterday I was feeling 'creative' so I decided to post about my Seoul trip....
Buuuut today I'm lazy again so just gonna put a few pictures here.
Just a few pictures.
Just a few.

....Anyone want to translate this? :'D

Took a tour to the DMZ zone~
Usually I'm really sceptic about guided tours, but this one was actually good.
And well, you can't go there independently, so I had no choice :'D
Only negative thing I found on the tour was that..... Photographing was really restricted, only places where you could take pictures were Panmunjom and Bridge of No Return.
But well, that matter isn't up to the tour organizers so I'm not complaining.

" You are only allowed to take pictures behind this yellow line"

 And the wonderful sight from there!

The tour also included visit to the 3rd Infiltration tunnel and Dorasan station, and thank god you could again act like a human being there. XD

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