torstai 8. joulukuuta 2011


This post starts with a very promising artsyfartsy black&white picture ! 8DD But I kinda have to like it as there isn't that much pictures of us ;___;

I think that everyone knows what day was on Tuesday~
My uncle has a tradition to throw a party every year on the Independence Day, but I've skipped them for ages... But this year I had my reasons to go, so after a long time I looked like human and could take even a few pictures!

I even managed to drag Ralf with me there......I'm still wondering how he agreed to come XD
And hoping that he didn't die there ,__,

 One coat bought from Seoul~ 

And then these mandatory pictures of clothes : )


Have to show off that ring !
Even though it might be lame but I love it :'D  

Actually, in short here are my new clothes;
My plan was to take a picture of them everytime I wear something new, but right now it seems that I won't be ever able to wear all of them if I continue to be this lazy........

This little unicorn I got from Ryu *wwww* ........I think it was supposed to be horrible ( as other stuffed animals Ryu has given me XD) but I think it's cute and fits to my room perfectly ;__;<3

but now off to work~~~>

5 kommenttia:

  1. Ihana toi sormus, ei yhtään lame! Ja oot niin kaunis ja shjgsdhjjkhsd ;__;

  2. You and your bf look so cute :]
    I also love the ring! It seems very original and gorgeous, definitely not lame :]

  3. you are adoooooooooooooooorable <3

  4. @Felenk
    Kai sitä sit kehtaa käyttää ; D ....ja tosi kaunis XD mut kiitos ;_;

    @りゅんで=ryunde (✧≖‿ゝ≖)
    ...Okay "a bigger one" describes it maybe better... XD Omg now I know name for it, it shall be the Bigger One.

    Thank you~! Well somehow carrying scissors as a ring feels stupid XD But it's still gorgeous! ; D

    @Sharekoube Thank youuu~~~<3