maanantai 12. joulukuuta 2011


I didn't have work on Friday & Saturday so I spent quality time mostly eating. I love that there is a grill so near my house and it's open until like everytime I'm hungry............

this happens.

I love how Ralf always sits in front of the oven when he is waiting for food ;_;
Also made gingerbread cookies~ I just hope that this weekend we have time to decorate them.
When I want to make gingerbread cookies it's for two reasons; to eat the dough or to decorate them. I don't even like the actual cookies so much :'D .....are the even called cookies..pipari....what is it in English...XD

And on Saturday went shopping.... or more likely to force Ryu to buy clothes :'D " Try this. Yes. You MUST try it before buying. Take your jacket off. TAKE IT OFF AND TRY IT GODDAMN"

Also visited Ciao!Caffe after wanting for a long time to go there~ Just too bad that we were in a hurry so we just had to rush there and back

Notice the dirty boot on the left.

.... :'D
I must be tired because I have been laughing for this so long....... what is that face :'----D

Food = Happy Ralf. 
And just had to order pizza to maintain my curves.
I think that this post really describes how I spend my freetime (if you add chocolate, chips, icecream and Family Guy to this) but tomorrow work again so now I'm going to go and wait for a specific call~~>
Or more likely just off to sleep as I feel dead tired.

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