torstai 29. joulukuuta 2011

Scary things happen...I just get older and older... Had birthday just before Christmas~
I got a gift card for a massage & facial treatment from my mom 
(which I used a little ahead of time XD)
It was wonderful, or maybe even a little too wonderful as I kept falling asleep the whole time.

Lunch at work, it was such a coincidence that we had salmon on my birthday....My ultimate favourite food <3__<3

 Then I bought a few presents for myself & got that rose from Ralf ;__;
( he is giving me so much flowers these days that I feel so overspoiled ;O; also got really cute presents from him but I'll keep them as a secret ; D )

All I wanted to do was to lazy around and eat ice cream.. So after my work we went to buy lemon ice cream, the same we ate in Italy a lot...too bad it just didn't taste as good as there.
But it was still so lovely and funny; to sit outside in the rain, and eat ice cream in December without snow. :'D

This picture reminded  of something that I'm still angry about, the fact that I missed the trip to Tallinn :c but got still a lot to drink from my personal transport service ; D
And that blueberry chocolate! I just don't understand how it smells so much, I had it unopened on my bed and still smelled all the time blueberries while I was on computer XD

Then came Christmas and it looked mostly like this....

Including the shopping we did with my mom...

And of course presents! And my dog who were so damn excited about Christmas, she's just like a small child :')

Ok now off to bed, just tried to kill some time with blogging, as I can sleep pretty late tomorrow so I would also like to stay up late this night, but I'm so damn sleepy so maybe just better to give up and get some good sleep~

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