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Ryu forced me to do blogspot so here I am......This feels really weird :'D

But I've been wanting to update about something!

A little trip I made with Ralf a few months ago~

Just that.... when posting about traveling, should I post pics like

"yaaaay here's a pizza we ate!"

or " look I saw nice art!"

or " ewwww I found a medusa on the beach!"

or " weeeee here's my face!"

 " yaayy here I'm lost and trying to read a map!"
And more little things like these that made my trip a little more special~
Okay but you can't even really tell where we were from those pictures... :'D 
So maybe this says a little more~ 

  So we were in Venice *__* And I can honestly say that it's the most beautiful place where I have been in Europe

 The city was just.... woah. So nice and so old, without the horrible tourist crowds you could have just imagined that you traveled back time to the 18th century or something.

And what was the talk about that Venice smells?  I have heard that quite a lot.... but I didn't smell anything........ Actually Milan was way worse :'D

Of course we had to take a gondola ride! And if I don't think the fact that we paid ourselves sick for that it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And after all I can say it was worth all the money. We took it in the late evening, and.....holy shit it was like the most romantic thing in my life ever *__* Imagine the bright moon on the sky, the gondola in small small empty canals, the gondolier humming some song quietly...Just felt like the world was ours alone XD hablahablahabla I could just go on and on and on talking about it but better if I stop :'D ( ah and sorry about the picture quality, I'm not a fucking professional photograhper and taking pics when its dark is just pain in the ass...)

Ah and we accidentally found a lock bridge! Haven't seen them anywhere before, it was a really cute and sweet place ;___;

If I remember right this was the view from our usual drinking place.....:'D It was in the end of one really small alley. I loved how so many streets just ended to a dead-end and the canals started right from there...( Or I was worried that if I get really drunk I won't see where the water starts and I will just walk there and fall.......... does anyone know can you swim in the canals and are there any living creatures? XD )

 This! was amazing.... it's a picture isn't it? .....Without taking a photo it looked just like some shit on the wall....But after taking a photo with flash it ended up looking like that *__*  or am I just stupid and amazed by all lame stuff XD

From our usual breakfast place~
That reminds me of one thing I didn't like, the price of food. >:--U
It was a little hard to try to find cheap restaurants, mostly the really cheap ones were just pizza places. But when traveling I like that when my feet start to hurt so much that I can't bear it anymore, I can just walk to the nearest restaurant to sit down and eat, but there everytime we kinda had to walk an extra kilometer to find a cheap place XD

From Lido.... oh god it was so horrible place that it was kinda lovely. I was just wondering that if I would live there amongst those brightly colored houses how soon I would go insane :'D

Crappy night picture again....But I always start to laugh when I see this... We were going back to our hotel after a few drinks.... and I got a really bad hiccups.......And when I sat there in the middle of the large plaza... the whole plaza echoed from my hiccups. It was so damn embarassing :'D

Just have to post this too... I have so many pictures of Ralf taking pictures... XD I took all the landscape pictures like in a few seconds, but he had a little better camera than mine so it took sometimes deadly long time to wait for him as my feet were so dead... So I amused myself like this :'D
Yeah very interesting I know.
And I don't know should I apologize my lack of blogging skills and my lack of proper English... well whatever :'D
Anyway I think I forgot more than half of the things I should have mentioned but.... at least I have hundreds of pictures on my computer to remind me how awesome place Venice was.

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  1. Ah I'm so happy that you have a new blogspot blog so I can comment and I hope you start posting here! It's so nice to hear what's going on in your life! Venice seems so beautiful *__* I wish I could go there one day! What about going around the city and the accommodation, were they expensive like the food? And don't worry hun, there's nothing wrong with your English! <3

  2. I do like that you have blogspot now!~

    And I like pictures like the ones you posted at the start (here's the pizza we ate and such) more than landscape/buildings because they're more personal.

    Anyway, love your new blog, keep posting! And your English is great. ^-^"

  3. @????=ryunde (?????)
    Ok ok you didn't! You encouraged me to do it : D ...better? ; D Well without you I think I would have completely stopped blogging XD

    @karaiju Ahah now we can start to stalk each other! 8D
    And what I can say, you DEFINATELY should go there some day! Oh and good point, I didn't really say anything about going around the city and accommodation XD

    Well, the hotels were even more expensive than food :'D small rooms but unbelievable prices x__x So we ended up taking a small crappy hotel, but it was actually a very good idea, because the location was perfect, near everything.

    But moving around was kinda cheap and easy! We bought a vaporetto pass for three days, so we could use it as much as we wanted... And then we noticed that Venice was so small that actually you could walk anywhere XD Getting lost was another thing but as we didn't have so specific places to go so we just mostly wandered around and accidentally ended up seeing all the tourist places XD
    (woah, so long comment.... :'D)

    Yayyy I think that it was a good idea to move here then~! (If I would just start to understand how this works... XD)
    And you're right, they are better because of the personal touch~ ^-^ Just felt a little stupid if I didn't post any landscapes/buildings at all XD

    And thank you~! I'll try not to lose my motivation XD

    Aaa thank you~~! ;U;

  4. Do you have any pictures of you cosplaying as Miku Hatsune? :D