tiistai 14. elokuuta 2012

South Beach without diet

Lots of useless pictures and not even in order.

Loved Miami airport!

 Those sweets. Those apples. I LOVED THEM. Especially apples covered with apple pie.

Curacao ice cream!

And a pink police car. Too bad the colors aren't that bright in this pic :C But now I want to be a police. With a pink car.

Best steak I have ever eaten. And the best thing were that you could choose what you want with the meat, no need to have useless potatos or rice, I could just take corn and onions and beans *-*

Hotel's swimming pool ;__;<3

And rainbow ice cream!

  Also visited Everglades, such an amazing place.

Airboat ride!


Crocodiles. But they were even cooler when they were just lagging around streets.

The cutest candy shop *-*

Usual breakfast.

All those compulsory visits to Walmart.

Pie filled with pizza! :'D

One of the shoes I bought in desperate need for something more comfortable for the shopping malls.

I know my humour is so lame but at least I'm amused.

I just love bathtubs.

I'm so gonna move to that town someday. All the houses were so perfect with rocking chairs on the balcony and the towns name was... Celebration!

The other hotel's pool. First we were around Miami for a couple of weeks and then went to Kissimmee.
Looks like I'm naked. AND SEE THAT TAN? HUH HOW DAMN BROWN AND BAKED I AM. FOR LAYING HOURS IN THE SUN. Sometimes I just hate my skin because I don't tan. And on the last day I burned my face and back so badly that the 10 hour flight was torture to sit.

Just some pretty park.



My whole life was ruined when I learned that all flamingos aren't pink. Apparently the color depends on what they eat.

Then when I came home I had the best surprise waiting for me! My room cleaned and a bunch of roses, and of course from the airport I found my boyfriend ;___;

There's a bit of my trip, but most days were full of shopping. And how could anyone take pictures when doing that because it's serious business. Tears and sweat. No time for food or sleep. No time for pictures.
And rest of the time was mostly laying on the beach or by the pool and eating.
Now pizza time and some last minute packing. Need to wake up 3:30am to catch our flight...Ok it's not even that early, need to wake up to work around that time everyday. :'D

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