tiistai 7. elokuuta 2012

Butts Abraxxas

Just some older and newer pics~

 I really like those shoulders<3
....But they're so impractical with handbags :'D

Then one day I was being a cranky bitch and  this is what I got from it ;___;<3

 And then another present for no reason.
 I have the best boyfriend ever ;___;<3

 Well this one was the other way around.

  Oh these are from Midsummer... Yep I'm really lazy with blogging.

 And elegant food once again for the elegant me.

And this picture describes best what I've been really doing.
Oh god on Friday I AM FINALLY FREE!
Unlike today I'm stuck for 7 hours just to watch dressage<3
Just like I've been for over a week.

P.S that picture is Minna Telde's horse Santana who is half blind. But she did really well!

Okok I can't concentrate on anything right now.
I'll try to update about my Miami trip this week but I'm not sure if I have the time :c
Because next week off to Frankfurt & around Germany with my honey, and actually yesterday we bought flight tickets to Asia for November 8D

2 kommenttia:

  1. Ihana päivitys! Miten sulla on varaa matkustella niin paljon? Oot varmaan joku kreivitär, tai ainakin siltä näytät! 8D (kauniskauniskaunis)

  2. Aaaaa kiitoos!
    Oih oisinkin kreivitär<3 Alan kyllä tästä lähtien kutsuu itteeni kreivitär Victoriaksi ;D
    Eimut töitä töitä ja sitten kyttäilee vähän tarjouslentoja sun muita niin ei se niin kalliiksi käy! Enkä ees loppujen lopuksi matkustele niin paljoa ;_;